YHC volunteered to Q this workout as it is the first one in my tenure as new Site Q. I thought it might be fun to repeat my VQ which was at this same spot in May of 2019.

• Thursday, December 30, 2021
• 0530-0615
• 36.121616, -79.834175
• 63°F, 97% Humidity

Pax (8 total)

Long Time, Bodett, Ramses (War Baby), Shocker (RESPECT!), Snowflake (RESPECT!), Eggplant (RESPECT!), Snooki (DOUBLE RESPECT !+ War Daddy)



These veteran Pax were greeted with a warm welcome, the Mission of F3 was stated aloud and the disclaimer was disclaimed. No FNG’s present.

The Warm-A-Rama (all in cadence)

Sun Gods
Sun Gods Reverse
Imperial Walkers
Abe Vigodas


Burpee / Merkin Ladder. Start with 2 – then count up to 10, by 2’s. In other words: 2,4,6,8,10
A line was drawn across the parking lot with orange cones. A second parallel line was drawn 5 parking spaces away, with a second set of cones. The Pax lined up on the first line, then bear crawled to the opposite line. At the opposite line 2 Merkins were performed. Then, the Pax lunge-walked back to the first line where 2 Burpees were performed. Bear crawl back to the opposite line, and performed 4 Merkins. Are you starting to see the pattern here?
During this movement we took some time to review the Credo and the Five Core Principles. This group of veterans knows their stuff!


Ring of Fire with 10 stations – Tabata style, rotate every minute with 20 seconds rest.
1. Bicep Curl
2. Overhead Triceps Extension
3. Goblet Squat
4. Side Straddle Hops
5. Lateral Raises
6. One Armed Dumbbell Row
7. Calf Raises
8. Kettlebell Swings
9. Overhead Press
10. Mountain Climber

During Thang 2 the Pax were treated to a few of my classic rock favorites with an unintended emphasis on AC/DC. The Pax completed about two full rotations before it was time for……


  • Low Slow Flutters
  • Bodett led us in Low Dollies
  • Snowflake led us for Dying Cockroaches
  • American Hammer



  • A fellow pax member is transitioning into an apartment and needs everything including furniture, housewares and so on. Please help if you can. Butt Fumble is the point man for the effort. Contact him or YHC to help out. Let’s rally around our brother and help him get started off right! Anything helps.
  • Monday Jan 3 at 2pm Funeral for Wojo and Bedbug’s parents. Westminster Presbyterian Church. 3906 West Friendly Ave.


  • As per my tradition, a “participation medal” (F3 sticker) was given to each attendee that wanted one.
  • We thanked Snooki for his service at past Site Q. Worth mentioning, Snooki has been driving from Archdale to serve this AO. T-Claps for your service brother!
  • YHC took us out.

All gave maximum effort. All got better. It was an honor to lead!

Radiator – out!