PAX: Viagra, Daisy, Patch, TJ Hooker, Pity the Fool, Jitterbug Q -Beatdown- Gilligan, Butt Fumble, Scooby Doo -Splinter Walkers

Warm O

SSHs, String Rippers, Hi Jack Hi Jills, Lunges, Copperhead Squats, Press Press Flings> Mosey around the block through the buildings from Sunset, to the basketball court and then to the playground/monkey bars


2 man grinder.  One man stays at the playground and does 5 chin ups/pull ups, 10 merkins, 20 squats.

2nd man runs the stairs -aprox 14 stairs that lead to the courtyard between buildings where he climbs the stairs, then does 6 Turkins get ups, then returns to the playground and relieves the first man, who then runs to the stairs to climb and then do Turkish Get Ups.

The Stairs and Get ups are a ladder format, the stair climbing ascends from 1 flight to 6 flights over 6 rotations, the Get Ups descends from 6>1.  Once this is achieved, the rotations start counting down, ie, 5 stair case climbs and 2 Get ups, then 4 stair case climbs with 3 get ups, etc.

We got through the first ladder of 6 rotations and then 2 more descending.  Nice work guys!


LBC’s, Cindy Crawfords, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers> Let Freedom Ring!


Radiator is taking over the site Q roll at Sweat Angel, flag handoff is Thursday Dec. 30.  Patch is headed to Maine for Friday the 30th for 30 days, Fife will accompany him for 1 week.


Pray for Dan Moore’s family, he was an officer with the Greensboro Police Dept and died of cancer recently -friend of TJ Hooker’s-, Butt Fumble’s wife has Covid, pray for her and their family.

Panera Bread for coffeeteria today.

Fumble took us out with a prayer.  Aye!