PAX: Cheddar, Ricola, Scooby Doo, Butt Fumble, Jitterbug Q (Beatdowners), Phoenix, Kilowatt, Oil Slick, Sacked, Lightbright, (Ruckers)

Warm-O:  Side Straddle Hops, Press Press Fling, String Rippers, High Jack High Jills> Mosey

Mosey’d to Church Parking lot> 8 Burpees, head toward Downtown on the Greenway, stopped along the way, about every 1/4 mile for 8 Burpees> to the Tunnel of Love at Cone Blvd, and 8 Burpees (completing 6 sets of 8), turned around and headed back stopping along the way for 8 Burpees, at different spots (aprox 1/4 mile apart).

Remember the famous words of Slummy regarding the Burpee, “One exercise to rule them all.”  😀

I challenged the group to break down the exercise, 1. Squat 2 Plank -kick back- (thrust), 3. Merkin 4. Up from Squat w a jump w hands over your head.  Take your time….break it down….

Upon passed through the church parking lot on our way back to the flag, stopping at the community center for…yep…8 burpees, on the road back to the flag we stopped for …4 Burpees!….back at the flag we completed the 100 w. … 8 burpees.

Mary was:  LBC’s, and American Hammers.  Let Freedom Ring!

Announcements: Cheddar’s been working on the Red Cross Blood Drive, after many challenges, they’ve approve a day in February at Brightpoint Inc -Cheddar’s business-, be checking Shennanigan’s, Holday Scavenger Ruck, w party at Kilowatt’s afterwards, 12/23?, also Kilowatt will be helping with a 10 week Growruck prep training starting Dec. 27.  Jan 13 is family night at Greensboro Swarm, and F3 is going, check Shenanigan’s for info.  3rd F at Panera today, Stretch on the Q.  Remember those who are sick and who have lost loved ones.

COT:  Scooby took us out w a prayer.  AYE!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!