Site Q’s, you know how good it is when you can call on a veteran to Q at your site. It’s even better when they are the undisputed leader of PM A/O’s in the NATION.

Back in 2015, or so, Apollo led the way with PM A/O’s with Closing Time in Natville.  Some things only get better with time.

12-21-21, cool evening, as usual, we had Leonard Recreation Center to ourselves, and Eric turned on the field lights as usual, a nice touch.

Pax: Windmill, Mr Hand, Damage Control, Dr. Sheldon, Water Boy, Sky, Mountain Momma, Snow White, Short Bus, Triple Lindy, Stryker, Expired, Nutmeg and Apollo on the Q.

Warm A Rama was the usual cadre of exercises.  The thang is pictured below.

What you can not see, is the Uptempo baby, it was Uptempo from the start and did not quit until the COT by Damage Control.

We have a fun time, check us out. Windmill up next week, perfect time to join.