Col Hard Fax 12/20/21 26 degrees

PAX By-Rider, Black Swan, Cottontail, Pitino, EPA, Tent City

Daughtry – QIC

On a cold morning, YHC welcomed a PAX of cagey F3 veterans to the @F3CHF.  

Q delivered motivational Intro/Disclaimer/Mission then took off on a mosey lap to get us to the Warm a Rama.

PAX enjoyed the following (while engaging in mumble chatter around winter wipeout and how the song “Last Christmas” (particularly the George Michael version) has begun wearing thin in the By-Rider home.

15 String Rippers IC
High Knees
15 Windmill IC 
Butt Kickers
Sun Gods: fwd,rev
Chinooks: fwd,rev

Today marks 11 days remaining in 2021, so in honor of this the PAX enjoyed a set of 11’s with block squat and press on one end and hand release merkins on the other. About halfway through, PAX mumble chatter had subsided.  

Upon completing 11’s PAX turned attention to today being the 354th day of the year and as such, commenced to knocking out 350 reps of the following:

Air Presses
Toe Taps
Flock of Seagulls
Block presses
Block Curls
4 Burpees

Mary was a circle of pain with Freddie Mercury, Homer & Marge, Gas Pumps, Box Cutters, Peter Parkers, with a finish of American Hammers.

By Rider took us out.

Thanks to Black Swan for frunk coffee and to the PAX hanging around and sharing some hilarious stories

All got better.

It was an honor to lead.

Rick Shouse