Local honey

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Temperature 34deg

Pax: A6, Scab, Mare, Secretary, Newhart, Bobby Knight, Drysdale, Poehler, Huggies, Steely Dan, Q: Nomex

Run to bellmeade and all the way up the spiral for…


SSH 15x IC

Sun gods 10x IC

Chinooks 10x IC

Reverse sun gods 10x IC

Windmill 10x IC

Mountain climbers 15x IC

Merkins 10x


Spiral 7s.  Do 6 of first exercise, run down spiral one level, do 1 of other exercise, run back up one level.  Then 5-2, 4-3, and so on.  When six on the lower level is done, start the next round of sevens.

Round one (8 to 7)


WW1 sit-ups

Round two (7 to 6)


Carolina Dry Docks

Round three (6-5)

Shoulder taps (each shoulder)

Hand release merkins

Round four (5-4)

Box cutter

Nolan Ryan (each fist)

Round five (4-3)

Jump squats

Inch worms

Round six (3-2)

Bicycle IC

Dips (use curb)

Run back to shovel flag for….


Low dolly 15x IC

Low slow flutter 15x IC

American Hammer 15x IC

Name o rama


We shared accomplished goals.  YHC was inspired both by some of the goal ideas and the accomplishments!

YHC closed us out.