6 years ago, Dec. 18th, 2 friends encouraged me to check out F3!  Tight Squeeze -Frank Thomas & Nixon -Ashley Cobb, thanks to both of them for knowing me well enough to tell me, “You’re gonna love it!”  Yep!  My first AO was Derailler (now Lunatic Fringe) w Longtime on the Q.

So, my buddy Slumlord was kind enough to give up his spot as Q at Sad Clown Killer -Summerfield Community Park- this past Thursday.

Thanks to the 20 that showed up to help me celebrate.  Love you guys!  They were:

Slumlord, Xerox, TPS, Hoosier -T claps for coming out, despite still not fully recovered from whatever ailed him-, JR, All Black, Pity the Fool, Weed, Stick Shift, TJ Hooker, Red Dragon, Patch, Turnpike, Blackswan, JZ, Airball, Kaizan, Cottontail, Love Seat, Foot Fairy, Jitterbug (Q)  Good times!

We started with an intro -forgot the Mission statement- DOH! to the AO, and I gave a success formula to honor the 6 yr,  “Keep Posting”  no matter what, show up, do what you can.

We started with SSH, then some Hi Jack Hi Jill, then and some Press Press Flings, then I went over the THANG and a few of the exercises they might see out there as they did the J..I..T..T..E..R..B..U..G .  The lesser known were:

Up Downs, Groiners, and Bear Holds -none of which we got to.

After explaining what were going to do, which was:

The Thang is a 3 man grinder, there are two stations, one at the monkey bars/jungle jim area of the track at the Elem School and one is at the bench at the far end of the track.  One man will stay at the jungle jim and do, 5 pull ups, 15 merkins and 20 squats, the other 2 will run counter clockwise on the track to the bench where one will stay and do the following exercises AMRAP, the 3rd man will continue around the track to relieve the man at the jungle jim who will then leave and run to the bench area and relieve the 2nd man who stayed there to do the exercises.  We moseyed to the track and jungle jim, there the 3 men groups started the grinder.  The exercises at the bench were:

Jack Holes, Imperial Walkers, Tysons -Mike-, Turk n Burps, Elbow to Knee, Rosalittas, Bear Holds, Up Downs, Groiners

The 3-5 man teams got in 4-5 rounds, and about 2 miles of running.  At 6:07 I called OMAHA and we headed back to the flag.

Mary was:

Plank, String Rippers, Lunge Stretch, American Hammers “Let Freedom Ring!”

Announcements: Toys for Tots -Dec 22nd- TPS is organizing, December challenge w Slummy and Stick Shift 2000 pull ups, Jan 22 w Slummy Hard 75: Gallon of water /day, 10 pages in a book, 2 45 min workouts/day, no junk food, no alcohol, TJ Hooker: 3rd F Dec 22 at Village Beverage eve event, Bobby Knight this Sat at Nordic Tract kid friendly, Kaizan:  Fund raiser raised 23K for India and Pakistan!

JR gave me props for my efforts and accomplishments in F3. Praise God. for your blessings!  Thanks JR!

Patch said, he takes attendance from name O ramas in back blasts for stats, for recognition and F3 trends.

Wojo and Bedbug’s dad passed.  Both parents passed in past 30 days.

Slummy took us out.   Coffeteria at Jumping Bean.