Pax: Saban, Jingles, Lynda, Poehler, Blanche, Houlihan, Square, Temple, Ozone, High Stick, Drysdale, Crawlspace(QIC)

WAR: Saban took the lead when asked. Got the Pax warmed up while I dropped a 2.0 off at the pool. Thanks for PU6!

THANG: Mosey to the downtown Christmas tree to “rock” around Oh Tannenbaum!
45 seconds on, 15 seconds recovery Tabatta.
Lil lil LBC’s
Table Top Reverse Crunch
Plank Jacks
Mntn Climbers
Lt. Dans

45 second break

X & O’s
X w/4 scissor kicks & O’s
X w/4 scissor kicks & O’s w/4 Bicycles
Alternating Archer Merkins
Side Plank E2k
Side Plank E2K
Break Dancers

45 second break

Marge & Homer’s w/4 scissors
Crawfords on Lt
Clams on Lt
Moon Gods on Lt
Diamond Merkins
Spider Mans
Side Lunges

45 second break

Heal Touches
Crawfords Rt
Clams Rt
Moon Gods Rt
Carolina Dry Docks
Bird Dogs

45 second break


Ended a few minutes early on site to pose with the tree, then moseyed back to the flag for COT

Merry Christmas PAX!