December 17

5:30 am

Son of a Bench

Pax – Whirliebird, Possum, JR, Buck, Spike, Cottontail, All Blacks, Polo, Paula Dean

Dog – Big PERM

Q – Red Dragon


Got the opportunity to lead this am.  The crew at SOAB met up at 5:30.




Mosey to upper parking lot.

Warm a Rama

Mosey back to lower parking lot.


Grab a friend (rock) that you are comfortable working with the entire time – something that you can curl, press, squat, etc with.   This is yours, not to keep, but to have throughout the workout.


Stations – Reps of 15 – None of the exercises should be done fast, all slow with correct form – Station one person is the Rep Counter

Station 1 – Thrusters – 2 rounds of 15 – 1 round of 10

Station 2 – Tricep Extension

Station 3 – Squats

Station 4 – Curls

Station 5 – Push Press

Station 6 – Big Boy Sit Ups

Station 7 – Dead Lifts

Station 8 – High Pulls

Station 9 – LSF – Block Up

Station 10 – Bent over Rows


In between the station rounds, we did a transition exercise.


  1. Runovers – The pax lines up on the ground side by side with space inbetween each other.  The last person runs over the pax legs to the beginning and lays down – the next last person is then released to runover.   This is done around the circle at the end.
  2. Belch – Start on one side of the lot.  Every line we get to we drop, wait for the pax, on the “GO” call the pax moves to the next line.  6 lines each way – 12 Belches.
  3. Turk and Burps – Could not miss these – 10 total.

After we had finished 3 rounds.  Put the friends back at the home and headed to the flag.


Mary – 1 American Hammer

COT – JR Took us out.


Great morning.


Thank you for the opportunity.