Magic was in the air this beautiful morn! 16 pax were giddy with eagerness for the charmed gifts that await them in Sunset Hills. Nymphs and fairies danced among us as we made our way toward the enchanted forest of delights.

Upon our arrival, the pax were encircled by a sparkling mist as fairies waved their wands and bestowed spells for endurance, speed, and sexual stamina. The men of F3 giggled and cooed as our forest friends worked their magic.

In the midst of the excitement, JWoww stiffened his frame and betrayed a curious smile when a sprightly fairy quickly swept downward and up his pant leg without an ounce of hesitation. Although JWoww has not murmured the slightest protest regarding the mischievous actions of our winged friend, Norwood asks that pax keep a close eye on him and ask him repeatedly about the incident.