This morning, a week before Christmas, we had the biggest crowd we had since the shovel flag exchange. Two guys rucked before for EC and thanks to Daisy for encouraging the “crowd”. Started with the pledge of Allegiance, then Radiator, butt fumble, Bodette, Daisy, Short track and I had a pretty good work out this morning.

First we did some Snooki Style windmills, onto sun Gods, shanooks, some stretches, and then got into the thing.

Curls, presses, kettlebell swings and some planks followed. We did a short mosey with a coupon and table tops along with some other fun.

Thanks for showing. We had some prayers noted, nothing really new on things to come because of the holidays but all I think had fun and definitely got their money’s worth.

I took us out and once again, always fun to be the “Q”.