12 16 2021



The pax was reminded of our mission: Plant grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer:  TO advise pax to be responsible and limit suggested activities as needed to personal health and safety.  Advised them on their risks of exercise and all understood and accepted!



After a quick look of the parking l0t and Toy Soliders to limber up, the beatdown bargain!


The workout was designed in multiples of 7, a lucky number!

The pax started with  7 Mike Tysons @ “HOME”

Then proceeded to station one

Station 1: Lower

7 Squats 1st round then return to HOME

14 Squats 2nd round then moved to station 2

21 Squats 3rd round, station 2

28 Squats 4th round, station 2

35 Squats

42 Squats

49 Squats

Station 2: MetCon

7 SSH *IC 1st round and returned home

14 SSH *IC 2nd round, then station 3

21 SSH *IC 3rd round, station 3

28 SSH *IC

35 SSH *IC

42 SSH *IC

49 SSH *IC

Station 3: Upper

7 Merkin 1st round, return home

14 Merkin 2nd round, station 4

21 Merkin

28 Merkin

35 Merkin

42 Merkin

49 Merkin

Station 4: Lower

7 Side Lunges w/ Pulse 1st round, return home… This continued for some time until….

14 Side Lunges w/ Pulse

21 Side Lunges w/ Pulse

28 Side Lunges w/ Pulse

35 Side Lunges w/ Pulse

42 Side Lunges w/ Pulse

49 Side Lunges w/ Pulse

Station 5: MetCon

7 Soccer taps *IC

14 Soccer taps *IC

21 Soccer taps *IC

28 Soccer taps *IC

35 Soccer taps *IC

42 Soccer taps *IC

49 Soccer taps *IC

Station 6: Upper

7 C. Drydocks

14 C. Drydocks

21 C. Drydocks

28 C. Drydocks

35 C. Drydocks

42 C. Drydocks

49 C. Drydocks

Station 7: Lower

7 Skaters *IC  The pax successfully made it to this station when they were shown mercy and saved by the bell for time, only after doing 7 more mike tysons at home!

14 Skaters *IC

21 Skaters *IC

28 Skaters *IC

35 Skaters *IC

42 Skaters *IC

49 Skaters *IC

The pax was smoked at several points, and attacked the volume of reps in a planned fashion.

Kudos to BOYWONDER for doing Merkin on the UP!  A sneaky way to challenge the pax’s pectoral muscles to exhaustion!


Mumble chatter was light as oxygen was at a premium.


Circle of Trust was initiated!

Joys were shared, Bone’s M on her award of 40 under 40 for triad business journal.


The pax were led in quiet silence for 1 minute to listen and receive what the lord had in store for each today


Ramses, SABAN!, Boy Wonder (Respect), Bones