Shake & Bake

  • Tuesday, December 14, 2021
  • 0530-0615
  • 36.147185, -79.836713
  • 32 °F, 92% humidity


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Tommy Boy

Faced some doubt/fear/avoidance head-on today by answering “Yes!” when Red Dragon asked TB to Q on his Birthday. Haven’t run more than 3 miles since March of 2020. No one to blame but myself. So… shake off the dust and Lets. Freakin’. Go!

We covered the #credo and threw out some words that can be found in our #FiveCorePrinciples like “outdoors”, “rotate”, and “free”. Something like that?!


Loosey Goosey lap around the track and into some dynamic warm up moves. The full version can be found HERE. Highly recommend incorporating this into one of your Qs. Also, a SOLID full-body beatdown.

The Thang (pt. 1)

Double Applesauce Mosey x 1 mile

The Thang (pt. 2)

We have a mission so that we have a purpose. YET, it begins with being accountable to our objectives. So…

Pick a Battle Buddy and RUN! While running, answer these questions:

  • What are you afraid of?
  • Why are you afraid of it?
  • What would you achieve if you weren’t afraid?


  • How will you better serve your family/community?

YHC was fortunate to share time with Wedding Planner. That guy is a dynamo; watch our Natville… he’s gonna do great things!


American Hammers x 10 IC

4ish miles earned per Pax


  • THIS Saturday – Salvation Army Bell Ringing (two slots left!). Register HERE using the Group Code: F34life
  • NEW Pop-up AO every Tue & Thur from 1215-1300 (follow YHC @phunnyhaha on Twitter for weekly specifics) at 505 Staunton Dr. (Confusion’s driveway) while he takes care of his family and is tethered to the home. We leave no man behind and we leave no man where we found him. #credo


A wave of gratitude washed over me this morning during CoT. How lucky are we to have one another, to push one another, to uplift one another? And it’s free. It doesn’t cost a dime to have what we have. Wow. Best birthday present I can think of. I love you men.


“The Station” by Robert Hastings

Grace & Peace,

Tommy Boy