Date: 12/8/2021

Workout: It’s Just Lunch

Location: Oak Ridge Town Park

Pax: Dabo, Frog Slobber, Stubing, Snow White (Respect), Fore! (Respect), Kevin (Respect), Barney, Possum, Patch (Q)

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

There’s a new game we’ll be playing today where the rules will be a little fluid until we figure it out.  We’ll continue to do what F3 does best, modify as necessary.


Mosey past the flag post

High Knees

Butt Kickers

10 – Step Ups

15 – Imperial Walkers IC

10 – Monkey Humpers IC

15 – Merkins

Mosey to the playground

15 – Irkins

10 – Jump Ups

10 – Star Jumps

Mosey to Field 2

Lungewalk ~ 10 yds

Bear Crawl ~ 10 yds

Lungewalk ~ 10 yds

Bear Crawl ~ 10 yds

The Thang – Scramble

There’s a field marked by 4 cones on each “endzone” going the short way across the football field.  Split into two teams.  One team is trying to advance a cornhole bag across the field past the endzone, the other team is trying to stop them.  You can run forward with the cornhole bag and you can pitch it backward.  You cannot throw the bag forward.  The defending team can tag the person with the bag, and the whole offensive team owes 3 burpees.  The team on defense must return to the endzone/goal line after a tag has been done.

There were a few modifications that were made to the rules.

1) If the bag hits the ground, it counts as a tag.

2) The offensive team has to hike/pass the bag to start the play.

3) When the defending team reaches the goal line, they do 5 merkins.

4) When the defending team reaches the goal line, they wait until the play is started.

5) 5 minute limit per round (never quite reached).

This was a tactical game, where we slowly began to figure out what works best.  Some of the tips to gain advantage on offense are:

1) Fall in behind a blocker

2) Fall in behind a runner, give the runner a pitch back option.

3) You can run a reverse play where the runner pitches it to someone running the opposite direction to shift the defense’s momentum.

4) Always be giving your runner some options.

5) Fake-out passes work well too.

6) Hurry up on offense at the beginning can get you easy yards, especially after a tag.

For next time, I’m not sure what I’d change for the rules.  Maybe a 3-minute limit so it’s harder to score and the points would be more meaningful.  Really you could assume who won based on how much time they took.


10 – American Hammers IC



We need Q’s for IJL.  Reach out to guys who haven’t been out.  Also try and get some Kotters guys.

2nd F at the Beer Den.

Pray for Possum to find a local job in Marketing, brand management.

It was good seeing you guys today.  Thanks for making it fun and trying to win…even when the points don’t matter.

God Bless,

  • Patch