Date: 12/6/2021

Workout: Jamestown Beatdown

Location: Life Community Church

Pax: Ledecky, Slim Reaper, Red Card, Drysdale, Rubble, Patch (Q)

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.


20 – SSH IC

15 –Hillbilly Squats IC

Mosey around the church over to the brick pile.

Runners Stretch/Lunge

20 – Toy Soldiers IC

20 – Sun Gods IC (We picked up some of the oversized bricks for this.  Wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be but still more difficult.)

Air Raid

15 – Windmills IC

10 – Finkle Swings


Sprints streetlight to streetlight.  50%, 75% and 100%


The Thang – Field of Dreams

Split into 4 groups. (2 groups of 2, 2 solos)

It’s essentially a 4 man grinder.  15 Burpees is the pacer, squats at station 2, merkins at station 3, and LBCs at station 4.


The Thang 2

Spiderman crawl between the streetlights over by the playground.  Lt. Dans back.


The Thang – Jack Webbs

1 Merkin – 4 Overhead Presses

2 Merkins – 8 Overhead Presses

3 Merkins – 12 Overhead Presses

Up to 10 Merkins – 40 Overhead Presses


The Thang – Failure to Launch

1 second hold Al Gore – Jump

2 seconds hold Al Gore – Jump

3 second hold Al Gore – Jump

Up to 10

Last time YHC did this we incremented the number of jumps as well.  This was so much easier, felt like we were getting off too easy but still a good routine non-the-less.  The Exicon I believe describes it this way, the way we did it. We were low on time so it’s probably a good thing we didn’t level up.

Mosey back to the start AO


20 – Crunchy Frogs IC (Rubble)

20 – American Hammers IC (Ledecky)

We responded to the first Air Raid, but we had 3 others we kept chugging through the workout plan, so we made up for it on our final exercise…

15 – Burpees


After COT we went to pick up the cones on the field and did one more round of Field of Dreams.  Great effort men.


Blood drive in January.  Shenanigans is out of date a bit; the location is TBD.  If you know of a place that can support a blood drive, let Cheddar know.  He’s also looking for someone to be the onsite Q for the day.

Michelin Man a faithful Closing Time and Cornwallis Nightmare [and Blue Plate Special] guy is going back to Japan.

Get on the Q schedule if you feel led to lead.

Keep EH’ing.  Just because the EH doesn’t work on one guy, doesn’t mean it won’t work for the next.

Rubble took us out.

Thanks again,

  • Patch