Date: 12/2/2021

Workout: Closing Time

Location: Jaycee Park

Pax: Cheddar, Hey Guy, Crash (Respect), Mudflap (Respect), Apollo, Dre (2.0), Waterboy (2.0), Roblox (2.0), Raptor (2.0), Non De Plume, Flo, Windmill (Respect), Office Max (Respect), Dortmund, Slide Rule (Respect), Gridlock (Respect), Renaissance (Respect), Expired (Respect), Eggplant (Respect), The King, Red Line (FNG Andrew Szapacs), Patch (Q)

Weather was quite nice and the park was fairly cleared out giving us lots of space in the parking lot.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.  Modify as necessary.

Welcome FNG Andrew!


Mosey over to Sweat Angel AO (middle of the way down the parking lot).

10 – Merkins

20 – SSH IC

Downward Dog-Upward Dog (2x)

20 – Mexican Squats (Jump squats)

15 – Windmill IC

Duck Walk 5 parking spaces

High Knees 5 parking spaces

Bear Crawl 5 parking spaces

The Thang

Cones were setup 5 spaces apart in a line.  There was one island we had to go around which increased the overall distance.  8 stations.  At each station we did 10 reps of an exercise. Where the exercise is usually done in cadence, we did it in cadence (still to 10).  YHC called on most all the pax at some point to lead us in an exercise.  Once we got to the end, we mosey’d back to the start.  Between cones we’d recovery walk.

Wojo Squats SC


Monkey Humpers IC (Expired)

Plank Jacks IC (Eggplant)

Ranger Merkins SC (Office Max)

Star Jumps SC

Pickle Pushers IC (Apollo)

Lunges IC

Bonnie Blairs IC

Mike Tysons IC (same as single count)

Mountain Climbers IC (Dortmund)

Toy Soldiers IC (Windmill)

WWI Situps SC (Raptor)

Bobby Hurley SC (The King)

Ranger Merkins SC

Werkins SC

Smurf Jacks IC

Imperial Walkers IC

Flutter Kicks IC

Hillbilly Squats IC (Renaissance)

We completed all the exercises, mosey’d to the end were we conducted 10 burpees before heading back to the SF for Mary.


Protractor into briefly Homer and Marge

20 – Box Cutters IC (Expired)

15 – American Hammers IC



Blood drive being scheduled for January.  We’re looking for an inside venue and an on-site Q.  Talk to Cheddar.

Blue Plate Special is looking for a Site Q

Closing Time Site Q will be going to Flo.  Flo is looking for a Co-Q to help with attending every week.

Thank you for this day.



[Naming notes, YHC wasn’t expecting to have an FNG on first Q back from Maine.  Not being prepared, it took us forever to find a name not already taken.  I think the Pax rattled off 4-5 names already claimed.  There’s so many great engineering terms, I need to get back into it.  Anyways, we got fixated on engineering and what I was thinking of was CAD drawings and marking it up.  “Mark up” came to mind, something with “Reference notes”, something along those lines.  The rest of the Pax weren’t really with where I was going and they became slightly impatient [Rhodys haha], and I landed on “Red Line” which usually is “Red Lines” but you can say, “I’ll red line the document and send it back to you for updates.”  Hopefully it grows on Andrew; if not we can rename or modify like we do.]