Sun Gods + Side Straddle Hops + Indian Run


Dutch Tysons [Mike Tyson off a curb w/ Shoulder Taps at end of the movement.]

Inchworm Carolina Dry Docks [Inchworm w/ Merkin w/ a CDD halfway before returning to start position.]

Al Gore Burpee [Pax perform an Al Gore to Burpee.]

MOSEY around the Island

Apollo Creed Burpees [One-Arm Burpees]

Jump Squats

Jump Lunges

MOSEY around the Island

Curpees [Burpee with a curb hop on and off.]

Hand-Release Merkins *Phil Conners showed up.

Alabama Prom Date/Pickle Pusher [5 APD then 5 PP = 1 set]


Thunderstruck AMRAP [Pax perform Side Straddle Hops continuously and do a Burpee every time AC/DC says “thunderstruck”.]


Jump [Pax hold an Al Gore or perform Monkey Humper and Star Jump every time Van Halen says “jump”.]

Bring Sally Up [Following the song cue “up” & “down”, the Pax go from a high to low plank.]


Homer-Marge “I’m Too Sexy” AMRAP [Homer-Marge aka Leg Lifts. Legs go from Marge to Homer every time Right Said Fred sings the phrase “I’m Too Sexy”.]

Jackhammer [American-Hammer/Merkin Ladder; In-Cadence 5/5, 10/10, 15/15 and back down to 5/5]


Red Dragon, TPS, Air Ball, Foot Fairy, DQ, GoQ, TJ Hooker, JR, Wicked, Xerox, Canary, Blanch, Untouchable, Geppetto, Ricola, Pity the Fool & Slumlord-QIC.