PAX (5): ByRider, Cottontail, EPA, Weed, Sacked – QIC

Hard to believe on December 6 we get to post at 5:30 a.m. in 54 degree weather. Just a perfect morning to get after it. With all 5 PAX gathered we started promptly at 5:30 a.m. with an intro and then brief mosey.

Circled up in center of main bus parking area.


  • Self Hugs x …….
  • Sun Gods x 10 each dir
  • Toy Soldiers x 15ic (walking from 1 side to the other)
  • Peter Parkers x 15ic
  • String Rippers x 10ic
  • NB Merkins x 10


Indian Lunge Walk from one end of the covered walkway to the other. Exercises performed while each PAX member lunged to the far end of the line.

  • WW1
  • LSF
  • WW11



We had 7 stations set up with cones along the outside of the covered walkway. Each Cone was roughly 10 yards apart. Each PAX member picked a station from 1 – 5 to begin with. The count was run off of Station 1 and then “Bump” or “Move” was called which was the signal for each PAX member to move to the next station. We got 3 rounds in before time was called with a slight change on the 3rd round. When 1 person finished Station #7 they would run back to Station #1 as everyone else moved forward a Station.

  • Station 1
    • WW1 Situps
  • Station 2
    • Merkins
  • Station 3
    • Squats
  • Station 4
    • Heel Touches
  • Station 5
    • Curls (choice of 15lb or 20lb dumbbells)
  • Station 6
    • Lt. Dan’s
  • Station 7
    • Bent Row (with 40lb sandbag)

With time running tight we headed back to the shovelflag and circled up for MARY


  • Cindy Crawford’s x 10ic each side
  • American Hammer x 15ic


  1. F3 Greensboro SWARM night – January 14, 2022. Keep an eye out for details.
  2. In Shenanigans – Using SLACK for GSO COMZ “Attention PAX!
    We have a Slack Workspace created for more focused conversations in Natville. We have dedicated
    channels for 1st F, 2nd F, 3rd F, and more. Slack is a great place to share files and have more and deeper
    conversations than the traditional twitter feed. If you are interested in joining, please use this link and
    provide your email address and F3 Name to join. Please reach out to if you
    have any questions”


  • Great seeing these guys who posted. Fun group with positive attitudes.
  • Thank you ByRider for the opportunity to Q CHF
  • Not near as much Bear Crawling as last week… You are welcome Cottontail 🙂
  • As I was driving in early to the AO to get things set up I saw a headlamp and a familiar HIM getting some EC miles in. TClaps EPA.
  • Thank you Weed for making the trek out to CHF to support. Much appreciated
  • CHF AO may be the best lighted AO in the region. If you have not tried CHF out would encourage you to venture out. I know ByRider and the regular crew would welcome with open arms and maybe a few burpees.
  • Q Fail – Cobains to the PAX as YHC got stuck on the 5 core principles at first. We combined 2 together and worked that out during the beat down. Never perfect, but always in the game.

COT – YHC took us out.

Always an honor, Sacked