AO – Sad Clown Killer

Q – Bobby Knight

PAX – Hoosier, Slumlord, Weed (Respect), Pity the Fool (Respect), Airball, Stickshift, Cottontail, Red Dragon, TJ Hooker, TPS, ESL, Hallpass, Foot Fairy, JR, JayZ (Respect), FNG aka Buster Brown (Respect), YHC.

Mission was stated. Mosey took us to the far side of the elementary school.


SSH, Hillbillies, Sun gods, Abe Vigodas, String Rippers, Mountain Climbers, 6″ Plank Jacks

We moseyed over to the bus lot.


In true Bobby Knight fashion, and in honor of my Indiana roots, the workout consisted of tossing chairs and doing exercises that spelled out the word HOOSIERS.

Two chairs (with an exercise and a rep count written on each of the four sides) were tossed down the lot. The Pax then either Bear crawled or high Kneed to the chairs. The side of the chair facing up determined our exercise and our reps. We chose which exercise of the two we would do, and the rep count came from the other chair. This was repeated as we made our way around the parking lot.

After about the 4th toss, the chairs began to break apart – as did my ability to count in cadence – but we pressed on and completed the workout with a chair and a half still “standing”.

H – Hand Release Merkins

O – Outlaws (IC)

O – One Counts (look in the Exicon) (IC)

S – Smurf Jacks (IC)

I – Imperial Squat Walkers (IC)

E – E2K (IC)

R – Rosalitas (IC)

S – Star Jumps

Also, if the chair happened to land straight up on all four legs, the Pax had to do 50 American Hammers IC. With the help of TPS, this occurred at the conclusion of our workout.

Omaha was called and we mosey back to the shovel flag.


Aussie Snow Angels and American Hammers


We welcomed another Jersey boy – George Karagiannakis (now Buster Brown) – who was EHd by TJ Hooker.

Big thanks to Pity the Fool, Weed and others who helped pick up the busted chair pieces from the lot.

Next time – metal chairs