AO – Cougartown

Q – Bobby Knight

PAX – Airball (EC), TPS (EC), Hallpass, Gigawatt (EC), Bruce Lee (EC), Houlihan (EC), Steely Dan, Foot Fairy (EC), YHC

Mission was stated. Mosey commenced.


SSH, Sun Gods, Abe Vigodas, String Rippers, Goofballs

Mosey to the top of the trail across Drawbridge.


Being an Indiana boy and an Indiana State alum, I decided to honor Larry Legend with 33s.

This workout was down between two hills on the paved section of the greenway trail.

Pax jogged down the longer winding hill, ran hard at the bottom until they arrived at the shorter-but-steeper hill, which they bear-crawled up. They jogged back down the steep hill, ran hard at the bottom until they arrived back at the winding hill, which they ran up…backwards.

At the top of each hill the completed three exercised, respectively, which added up to 33 reps between the two hills (think 11s).

Mike Tysons, Monkey Humpers and Alternating Hip Dips on one hilltop; Burpees, Big Boy Sit-ups and Carolina Dry Docks on the other. We started with 10 reps of each of the three exercises on the top of one hill and one rep of the other three on the other hill; then we added reps to the low end and subtracted reps from the high end, always adding up to 33 reps total.

I believe everyone made it to at least the halfway point before we met at the bottom of the long winding hill and sprinted to the top two-by-two. Then we called Omaha and made our way back to the shovel flag.

After 3+ miles, we circled up for some Mary.


Aussie Snow Angels and American Hammers


YHC took us out.

All got sore. All got better.