Side Straddle Hops + Sun Gods-Extra Wide forward & Reverse + Wojo-Squat X Stretches


Commercial Breaks:

Turk & Burps + Wheel Barrows

Animal Movements

Gorilla Walk

Duck Walk

Red Dragon Crawl

Bear Crawl

Crawl Bear

Scaredy Cat Walk (Pike walk forward on fingers and toes: Forward/Facing Left/Right)

Inchworm w/ Merkin (Performed In-place)

Frog Jump (Performed In-place)

Diving Swallow (Dive Bombers)


Homer-Marge (Thursday [Legs close together], Friday [Legs mid-way b/w Homer & Marge] & Saturday Night [Wide Legs] Mods)

American Jack-Hammers [American Hammer & Merkin Ladder In Cadence (5, 10, 15, 20)]

Pax in attendance:

DQ, JR, TJ Hooker, Air Ball, Pity the Fool, TPS, Weed, Gepetto, Sitckshift & Slumlord-QIC.