Tuesday, November 30, 2021
28° F

PAX: Ozone, Tesla, Houlihan, Golden Corral, Graffiti (Respect), Hazmat (Respect), Bruce Lee, Pacer (Respect), Saban, Bushwood, Snakes on a Plane, Hakuna Matata, Amphibious, Nancy, and Pocahontas (QiC)

YHC arrived around 0520 to unload some bricks and get ready for my first Q at Arise in quite sometime (#kotters).  Several EC runners returned around 0525 and by 0530 there were 14 PAX ready to go.  No FNG’s were present, all veterans of the gloom.  YHC commenced with mission statement of F3 and we began our WoR there in the parking lot right as Amphibious rolled in, bringing our total PAX count to 15 this fine morning.

SSH’s 15x IC
Windmill 10x IC
String Rippers 10x IC
Mountain Climbers 15x IC
Merkins 15x SC
Hillbillies 15x IC

We headed right (north) out of the Grace UMC parking lot for a short mosey up to the large Grasshoppers parking lot at the corner of Edgeworth & Smith for a quick @F3Nancy inspired ladder.  Burpees + Monkey Humpers (#TClaps to Amphibious for the suggestion) were in store, 7+1, 6+2, etc. as we made our way across the parking lot.  YHC promised no more burpees, and honored his word as we moseyed back to the Grace UMC parking lot for the Thang.

The Thang
We separated into two groups, and stayed together in each group for The Thang.  Two stations, one consisting of Brick Work and the other with four (4) exercises each round.  We completed one (1) exercise with the coupons (aka bricks) and ran to the top end of the parking lot to complete a round of four (4) exercises before returning back down the parking for the second brick exercise.  And so it went.  This workout plan allowed for some strength training w/ bricks, some cardio with the run in between, and the ability to utilize the best knee wall in Greensboro per our #Redwood Amphibious.

Station 1 (Brick Work) — 20x Rep Each Exercise
1. Curls
2. Overhead Press
3. Flock of Seagulls

Station 2 — 15x Rep Each Exercise
Round 1
1. Step-Ups
2. Merkins
3. LBC’s (IC)
4. Monkey Humpers (IC)

Round 1
1. Dips
2. Lt. Dans
3. Carolina Dry Docks
4. WWII Situps

Round 3
1. Copperhead Squats (IC)
2. Dying Cockroach (IC)
3. Plank Jacks (IC)
4. Incline Merkins

We nearly got through two complete circuits before #Omaha was called at 0612 and we gathered back together for a quick closing set of 20x American Hammers IC.


  • Prayer request lifted up by Houlihan for Wojo and Bedbug, as their Dad is in the hospital fighting off sepsis.  This comes on the heels of the loss of their mother, Sandra, less than a week ago.  Please keep the Wingate family in your prayers.
  • Nancy with the Q this Saturday at Cornwallis Nightmare.  He promises something special (keep an eye on Twitter).  Competing Q w/ Hazmat who is leading Wakanda on Saturday.  Great options!
  • Post-workout convergence coffeeteria at Special Blend this Saturday 12/4 on W. Market St. following the workouts at 0800.  Come join the fellowship following the morning beatdowns.
  • Saban has the Q tomorrow at Slammin’ Sammy’s Smackdown.  He promises not to fartsack this time!
  • Prayer request for FloJo who continues to battle an illness.
  • Prayers request also lifted up for our Site Q Ricardo as he continues to recover from a broken hip.  We hope to see you back out in the gloom again soon!

YHC took us out with a closing prayer.  It was an honor and a privilege to lead this morning.  Aye!

– Pocahontas