Post Thanksgiving Q that was delayed from convergence week. Getting to the AO at 5:20, it was just me. A bit worried that YHC may be alone, but then I saw a familiar truck rolling in. Sacked was joining me- honored to have such a HIM join me. (of course, he was just scouting as he has the Q at CHF next week). Eventually 4 others joined me.


PAX: Sacked, Spurrier, Cottentail, Hoosier, Bodett



Mosey around the parking circle

SSH x 15 IC

IW x 10 IC

String Rippers x 10 IC

arm stretch followed by runners stretch



Inspired by the Nation’s Weaselshaker- the Gobbler Challenge (or at least an attempt at it)

the Challenge:

Bear crawl 150 yards – do 10 rowers – bear crawl additional 150 yards – do 20 Hand release merkins – return bear crawl to middle – 10 rowers – bear crawl 150 yards to start point – do 20 squats (That is 1 round)

Do as many rounds as possible.

*modification to bearcrawls was to run 450 yards (down, back and down again) before doing exercise.

I believe all got in 4 complete rounds with Cottontail on his 6th, but as the six myself it was hard to track others.



American Hammer x 14 IC



  • Coffeeteria convercgence this Saturday, December 4th at Special Blend on Market Street.
  • Last day of Give to Give Campaign is tomorrow, Novebmer 30.