Sat nov 20

5:30 rollout to the field to see the lone light in the distance.  Tps was on the other side of the field unpacking his 24th propane heater that he has purchased in the last 5 years – this one is for current and future football games that someone might be holding.
The set up started – guys started to arrive. I had to run back to the house to get my 2.0’s and nephew who were going to be participating. When I got back at 6:30 – there was a good amount of pax there.  Doughnuts were set up and people were getting ready. From that time to about 6:45 there was a steady stream of people coming up the hill from the parking lot – it was great because, with the sun coming up, you didn’t know exactly who it was, but you saw the crew – like gladiators arriving for the battle – maybe.
Everyone put their names on cards to be split into teams. With the amount of pax and 2.0s, we needed to have two games.   Luckily we had 2 refs – plenty of field space and cones.
Teams were announced and we were off and running by 7:00am.
DJ lexx go arrived at 7:10 (after working the night before ) and everything stepped it up a notch.  From multiple heaters, to music, to coffee, to doughnuts and coffee cake, to a drone flying over head, to Lakers vs Celtics style purple and green jerseys, to ref jerseys, the the old and current Nantans playing – this thing was awesome.  Thank you to everyone for Showing Up.
This game is talked about weekly at my house. My boys love it and it is something they look forward to.  It was truly awesome to see that many Pax out with their 2.0 at 7:00 am in sub 30 degree weather to run around a field.  This is the type of thing your family hopefully will start to talk about also.  If we did not call Omaha, the game would have just kept on going.
We all would like to thank and congratulate Stickshift for showing up and for winning the MVP trophy.  We all knew you would win it and we are all very proud of you for doing so.  The officials tried to keep you down but at the end of the day – in the grinch cleats, you earned the honor – lock down defender, 8 -10 touchdowns, multiple times yelling at your QB to just put it in the air – we knew it would be and was you – congrats, now the hard part – you have the title can you keep it going into next years game – we have not had a repeat MVP yet, just saying.
Thank you again.  Please mark the Saturday before thanksgiving down for next year as Turkey Bowl Saturday – cannot wait to see what it will grow to by then.  I appreciate all of you who helped in the process.  My favorite part is seeing all the dads and their kids out there balling, fired up for next year 100+ 4 fields running.