PAX: JZ, Bulldog (Q), Yupper, Nails, Wolverine, FNG Jedi Mindtrick, Wojo, Explosion, Ozone, Lynda
Q mentioned this was a tough workout but had done this with 2.0s before, so should be hard but still doable. That got the PAX motivated, if the 7yr old girl did it I should be able to do it, right, haha!
The theme of the workout is recognizing that we fall down, either because of our own mistakes or external circumstances. However, as a group, with help of SkyQ we get back up again. We refuse to stay down. To that end the pax attempted a burpee/LtDan ladder, I know burpees are hard and its easy to stay on the ground but we go to jump back up. As encouragement, Q explained that there are times in life that we fall down, that’s just a matter of fact. But we must engage our will to not accept it and stay there; we must be will to get up, we must seek help.

Burpees and Lt Dans. As in 1 burpee 1 Lt Dan, then we ran to nearby light pole for 2 burpee and 2 Lt Dan. We keep going until we reached 10.

Burpees and Lt Dan from 11 to 17 reps. By the time we go to 15, Q can tell the pax were sufficiently smoked and proceeded to break up the burpees, do half of the burpees half Lt Dan, then second half.

Deconstructed burpees: 18 IC plank jack, 18 IC mountain climber, 18 merkins, 18 american hammber.

Great to see everyone kept going all the way to 6:15a!!! Q’s body was sore for next 2 days.
Great to see Wolverine, a new PAX, and he brought out an FNG! FNG Mark is a super Star Wars fan, has tatoos of Tatooine, so the name picking was focus on Star Wars. The name Rose came up, but Q nixed that idea since we already too many girl names (like Lynda with a Y).