Good morning,

Hall pass and I, small workout groups it is.

Early this morning, we met at the park and started with the Pledge of Allegiance. The I stated the mission. Next Warm ma rama, windmills, 7’s, Imperial Squat Walkers, Copper head squats.

Next the THANG. Curls, kettlebell swings,presses,perfect merkins. At the end of every set 1 minute break with planks or wall/tree sits.

Then Mary. Homer/Marge, box cutters,Rosalitas and of course American Hammers. Pleasure to lead. Patch is still up in the far north and Hall pass spoke about a time to give through F3 for those less fortunate.

I appreciate the chance to lead and next week of course is Planksgiving. 630 instead of 530 and SYITG. GOD BLESS AMERICA. WE all need him now more than ever in this time of division.