The Q was greeted by the shining smiles of Cotton Tail and Pitino when he arrived at the AO. The F3 Introduction was delivered with unparalleled precision, and after some chit-chat, we got after it.

Warm-A-Rama consisted of starting the Thang.

The Thang consisted of 3 musical AMRAPs.

  1. The Merkarena consists of a Plank-Jack AMRAP with a Merkin performed every time the word Macarena is sung.
  2. ThunderStruck consists of Side-Straddle-Hop AMRAP with a Burpee performed every time the word “Thunderstruck” is sung.
  3. Bring Sally Up consists of a Standard Plank Hold dropping into a 6-Inch Plank. Every time the word “Up” or “Down” is sung, the participants must rise or drop into the high or low plank position.

The Second Thang consisted of 3 exercises.

  1. (x10 Single Count) Dutch Tysons consist of a Mike Tyson off the curb with two Shoulder Taps at the top or bottom of the exercise.
  2. A Bear Crawl, Lunge Walk, or modification thereof from one side of the parking lot to the other side.
  3. (x10 Single Count) Curpee [A Burpee off a curb finished with a hop onto the curb.]

Mary consisted of the following exercises.

  1. Plank Dips (10 on each side)
  2. Pickle Pushers (10 single counts)
  3. Alabama Prom Date (10 single counts)
  4. American Hammer (x1)

Circle of Trust

Byrider, Cottontail, and Slumlord-QIC were present. No announcements were made. Slumlord tried to give some encouraging words about the importance of the 2nd F and keeping one’s word when we make promises. He emphasized the importance of following through when we commit to something.