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QIC        Snowflake


24 PAX engaged in a pre-Thanksgiving workout, Thankful and Grateful for all that we have.  Mission statement and disclosures were delivered.  12 PAX did the boot camp and others did a variety of unusual different things.

We moseyed to the picnic area by the rec center for Warm-a-rama:

SSH – 15IC
Hamstring Stretches
String Rippers – 15IC
Imperial Squat Walkers – 15IC
Sun Gods – 15 each way
Mountain Climbers – 15IC

Indian Run to the gate for the Thang. PAX organized themselves in groups of three.  Seems to be easier than asking us to count off by threes.  Two Stations.  PAX 1 started at station 1, PAX 2 ran to station 2, PAX 3 did a complete lap to relieve PAX 1.  Complete one exercise at a time, AMRAP until relieved by a teammate.  Included a few exercises from the F3 Exicon we don’t typically do in Greensboro.

Station 1 –
Gorilla Humpers
Ranger Merkins
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Turkish Get-ups
E2K (alternate legs)
Freddie Mercuries
V – Ups
Low Slow Flutters

Station 2 –
Tysons, Mike
Happy Jacks – 5 SSH then 2 Jump Squats, rinse and repeat
Air Squared
Never Cross Dolly – Low Dolly’s with upper body off the ground
Kraken Burpee – Burpee with 3 hand release merkins at the bottom
Flying Nun – Lunges with little baby arm circles
TUrkish Get-ups

Cobains for including Turkish Get-ups 2x.  Reinforces need to review wienke carefully before a workout.

All PAX made it through the rotation and started round 2 when Omaha was called.  Indian Run back to the flag.

Dying Cockroaches – 15IC
Low Slow Flutter Crunches – 15IC #alwaysacrowdpleaser
Cindy Crawfords – 10IC each side
Homer Marge – ~10
American Hammers 15IC


  • Sacked – Still time to donate to the F3Nation Give2Give 2021 campaign. Greensboro is currently at $3,705 towards $5,000 goal.  Link to donate through F3 Greensboro Portal is on twitter and in slack.
  • Stryker – Thank to all that participated in the quarterly service project with World Relief. They are still collecting donations of fire extinguishers.
  • Wojo – Saturday Turkey Bowl at Cougar Town – 7a launch
  • Snowflake – Thanksgiving Day – Planksgiving with Xerox at Hobble & Gobble
  • Snowflake – Black Friday – convergence with FIA at Lunatic Fringe
  • Lifted up Pax with injuries

COT – City Slicker took us out.  Thank you for the message of encouragement.