Blue Plate is the name, Leonard Recreation Center is the place, located off Chimney Rock Rd, 6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410. It’s a gem of an AO, lots of space, permission to be there, greenways, fields, covered spots, and most of all- 90% of the time we got the whole place to ourselves.

I get it, you gents that love the AM have that luxury, but for the PM crowd, let’s just say there is more going on.

Talked a couple of pax (Plisken and Imelda) to coming out, said don’t worry, Windmill has a pulled Hammy, so its no running.

Should have been worried when Apollo did not show, or Wingman,,,maybe they knew.

Great weather, Windmill hit the disclaimer in the parking lot, where we stayed the WHOLE TIME.

Pax: Expired, Mr Hand, Short Bus, Snow Shite, Crash, Ponch, Mudflap, Michelin Man, Kilowatt, Mountain Momma, Imelda, Plisken and Windmill on the Q.

Need a w/o for a rainy day, save this one, it’s a burner. 2 Stations, pax divided in half, after completing one exercise you Lt Dan to the hub, where you do 5 exercises quickly- it is UPTEMPO at the Plate.

Things to like about a Windmill Q:

Consistent, planned, uptempo, and challenging- always. Despite a pulled Hammy, the mumble was taken away and the pain was brought in. Gotta say it, pax were gassed.


Windmill 15

Squat Billy 20

Sun G-Chin 4×10

String ripper 20

Imperial Walker 20

Ring of fire-60 count


Station 1

  • Mountain Climber 20 IC
  • Shoulder Tap 20 IC
  • Merkin 20
  • Pickle Pusher 20
  • Carolina DD 20

After each: Lt. Dan to hub

Station 2


  • Dying Cockroach 20
  • WW2 Situp 20
  • Crunchy Frog 20
  • Elbow to Knee 2 x 10
  • Freddy Mercury 20

After each: Lt. Dan to hub



  • Bobby Hurley 10
  • Toy Soldier 10/leg
  • SSH 10 IC
  • Star Jump 10
  • Burpees 5


Lt. Dan to alternate station



American Hammer 20

COT- Damage Control lost his father today, prayers for his family.  Michelin Man on the Q for next week.