A hearty group of seasoned 15 PAX lacked up the sneakers and put on the semi cold gear for Circle Time today.  The idea of the workout is to do some running and traditional boot camp exercises in rapid succession – hence the “run and gun” moniker…The few, the proud, the brave who were there are listed below:

PAX:  Canary, Centerfold, Blanche, TJ Hooker, Ricola, Buck, Spike, Amicus, DQ, Go Q, JR, Double Check, Xerox, TPS, Drizzle (Q)


Warm a Rama:  SSH, Hillbillies, Sun Gods, Imperial Walkers


The Thang:

Round 1: Teams of two start at the flag and run to exercise station together to complete five pull ups and 10 merkins.  Teams run back to the flag and complete five burpees then run together to the other exercise station on the other side to complete five pull ups and ten merkins.  Run back to flag and do burpees – rinse and repeat.  After completing five or six rounds, we moved to the next round..

Round 2: Same teams gather at the base of the small hill by the front of the school.  One partner runs to crest of hill and completes five squats.  Other partner does lunges AMRAP.  After completing ~ five rounds, we moseyed over to the benches.

Round 3: Each PAX grabbed a bench where we completed Dips, Derkins, Hip Thrusters, Werkins/Erkins, and 1-2 other exercises which were suggested by the PAX.   We then moseyed to the main parking lot for the remainder of the exercises.

Round 4: Sprints – we completed 40%, 60%, 80% and 10% from cone to cone in the main parking lot.

Round 5:  PAX gathered in a big circle where we all Planked and counted around the circle to 100.

Round 6: PAX stayed in the circle and did Merkins by counting to 50 around the circle.

Mary: LBCs, Low slow flutters, Crunches, E2N, 1-2 others and finished with American Hammers.

Announcements:  Turkey Bowl this Saturday at 7am…don’t miss it!  Shake N Bake tomorrow is RD and Xerox’s birthday celebration!

COT: YHC took us in COT.

Great to lead the venerable Circle Time AO.  Thanks for the opportunity, Canary!