FENCELINE      11/9/2021


As we are taken to Serve our small workout groups, YHC trys to fill-in when there is a Q need due to the scheduled Q being taken away by forces they cannot always control. This was one of those cases. Luckly for the pax, YHC was completing traing for the #CHAD1000x. The Chad1000 is a challege to raise money and awareness to veteran suicide and support. The challege is to complete 1000 step ups. How you do the challege is up to you. I did 500 with 30# ruck, 300 with 20# ruck and 200 slick. With that, step ups would be part of this workout.

Enough about YHC and on to the stuff you came for…


Pax: TJ Hooker, Steely Dan, Fannie Pack, Socrates, Pity the Fool, Bodett, / ruckers: Gillagan, Butt Fumble



Mosey to basketball/sport court

SSH x 16 IC

IW x 16 IC

String Rippers x 10 IC

sungods forward and reverse x 10 each way IC

Merkins x 10 IC

hug thy self followed by arm stretch w/10 count.

runners stretch both legs x 10 count


Form 2 teams of 3 for a 3 man grinder.

Station 1 is in the upper breezeway to complete AMRAP step ups.

Station 2 is the sportcourt where you choose the exercise of the guy there or filp the F3 card deck and do that exercise. A multitude of exercises were done.

Of course there was a runner in between the 2 stations.


On the fence, BigMitt style.

Homer 2 Marge x about 10

Heels 2 heaven x 10 IC

American Hammer x 20 IC


It was an honor to lead. Please live the mission!