Date:  11/8/21

Workout:  Col Hard Fax

Pax:  Possum, Cottontail, The Situation, Bartman, Byrider, Hoosier, Udders (YHC)

On a cold November morning 7 Southern Virginia Pax got better at the premier Natville workout on the “fringe” of Natville:  Col Hard Fax

It went down something like this…

F3 Mission Statement and Disclaimer

Pledge of Allegiance at the Shovel Flag


Mosey around parking lot


Weed Pickers X 15 IC

Windmills X 10 IC

Sun Gods X 15 IC

Reverse Sun Gods X 15 IC

Chinooks X 15 IC

Moroccan Nightclubs X 15 IC

Mosey around parking lot

Circle back up for…

The Thang


1 Squat to 10 Merkins to 10 Squats to 1 Merkin

Mosey to covered area for 3 rounds of the following:

Eerkins X 15 OYO

Derkins X 15 OYO

Step Ups X 10 each leg

60 second wall sit

Dirty Hook Ups X 15 IC

Australian Mountain Climbers X 15 IC

Mosey back to the shovel flag for…


Song Time:  “Manic Monday” by The Bangles

This song is now 35 years old!!!  Everyone planked and performed a Merkin every time they heard “Manic” or any word that ended in “day”.  #Smoked

Freddie Mercury’s X 15 IC


Homer & Marge

High Dolly X 10 IC

Low Dolly X 10 IC

Heel Touches X 15 IC

American Hammer X 1 IC


YHC took us out

The song lyrics for everyone that requested them…

It’s just another Merkin Monday

Wish it was Sunday

Cause that’s my fun day

My I don’t have to run day

It’s just another Merkin Monday

It was a pleasure to lead this group of men.  Thank you again for the opportunity.

Until next time Natville…