Instruction: Pax SD apart at all times. Rep count is spontaneous. Pax pick a moderate “throwing” stone & larger stone.

“Braveheart 2 Casting Call” WOD


  • Seal Burpee [This is a deconstructed Burpee which includes a Merkin, then a single Mountain Climber rep, and finished with a hop into the first position.]
  • Twisted Homer-Marge [Slight twist right & left at each position]
  • Phil Conners x4 sets [x5 Hand-Release Merkins = one set]
  • Toy Soldier Squat [Alternating Left/Right Leg Raise w/ Opposite Toe Touch then Squat]

THANG #1 (w/ Stone for Thang One to Three)

  • Triceps Press
  • Strict Elbow Tuck Curls [Elbows are tucked into the gut w/ a slight bend hinging from the hips to increase range of movement]
  • Rifle Carry Lunge Walk
  • Sumo Squat Thruster [no stone]


  • Walking Merkin [Merkin performed w/ one arm on the stone and other planted on the ground. The Pax does a Merkin & plank walk over stone to do another Merkin on the other side.
  • Floor Press V Up [This starts with a Floor Press using the stone followed by a Leg Raise. The Stone is brought down to the chest, then the legs & repeat.]
  • Elf on the Shelf with the stone

THANG #3 *Hill Work

  • Stone-Toss up the Hill with a Bear Crawl to the stone until the Pax reach the top of the hill. The Pax repeat the procedure down the hill to start position. This is a Rinse & Repeat activity depending on the amount of time left in the workout. The Pax completed two full rounds.


  • Ankle-Grinder into a Superman with a Five-Second Pause
  • X Formation-Leg Raise Toe Touch into the Boat position with a Five-Second Pause
  • Jack Hammers [This is an American Hammer/Merkin Ladder. The first set is five American Hammers in cadence and five Merkins single count. The Pax perform sets as follows: 5/5, 10/10, 15/15, 20/20, 15/15, 10/10, 5/5]


JR, Nails (respect), Buck, Spike, Cotton Tail, All Blacks, Bartman, Pitino, Hoosier (respect), and Slumlord who served as the QIC. Slumlord finished the workout with a moment of prayer and reflection.