Check us out, Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410.  Tuesdays 5:45 PM

November 9th, 2021, nice weather.  Dark comes early with the time change.

Snow white was on the Q, he stepped up and answered the call from Kilowatt.  F3 is led by a peer group of men in a rotating fashion.

Rotating fashion.  It’s good to have variety, and SW was ready to put his mark on the 17 pax:

Expired, Polo, Stryker, Wing Man, Windmill, Apollo, Waterboy, Short bus, Kilowatt, Damage Control, Mr Hand, Kubla Khan, Mountain Momma, Ponch, Kevin, Slummy, and Snow White on the Q.

Excellent disclaimer by SW, read all 5 core principles.  Short Mosey to the field for typical Warm A Rama exercises….then on to the Thang:

Part 1- 4 stations, with 3 exercises each, all involve the use of a frisbee. We split into 4 groups. Once completed “2 loops” of each exercise, move to next station by tossing frisbee to each other on the run.

Part 2- Ultimate Frisbee!   Observations. Euro’s are better with their feet than hands. Waterboy had a GREAT TIME!  All Pax enjoyed and were competitive.  More laughter than heard in a long time from grown men.

Short Mary.

Thanks for leading Snow White!  Variety is great. Slummy took us out.  Windmill on for next week.

2f immediately after, 1988 truck got some work.