November 6, 2021
AO: Cougartown
Pax: Hall Pass, Kaizan, TPS, Foot Fairy, Misfire, Beep, Racquet, Jiggawatt, Crawlspace(QIC)

WAR: Full body warm up. SSH, Hill Billys, etc.

THANG: Iron Pax Challenge 2021 Week 0

100 Merkins
800m Run
75 Merkins
1200m Run
50 Merkins
1600m Run
25 Merkins
2000m Run
Total Miles 3.5
Total Merkins 250

MOM: Hip Flexor exercises and core work and 4 air raids

None of the above really mattered. The PAX mattered. During the “thang” Beep mentioned looking up to you guys(the F3 Pax) TPS said, it’s not you, them, they, etc. It’s “us”. Youse guys is NE term, so Us became oose guys. It’s all about US, no OYO, Picking up the 6. No man left behind and not leaving where he was found.
That’s the REAL Thang.

Until 11/20…

Loose mole skin. Beep hit me up the afternoon after the beatdown, “hey, what’s that exercise called when planes fly overhead?”
Air Raid
“oh, ok, Raccuet really liked those and wants to call it out at home”
Tclaps Racquet