Date: 11/8/2021

Pax: Sacked, Canary, Patch, Buck, All Blacks, Radiator, Amicus, Ricola, TJ Hooker, DQ, Go Q, Weed, I Pitty the Fool, Round Up, Long Time, Red Dragon, TPS, Xerox, Spike, Wicked, Air Ball, Untouchable, JR.


Noticeably Absent without excuse: Matlock, Guiding Light & Steely Dan

Noticeably Absent WITH excuse: Jitterbug

Bucks Birthday Beatdown – today was Buck’s 1st Monday being 49.  He’s old, but not old, old.  We started WAR with some SSH’s, and the Gloomfather “recommended” 49 IC.  Naturally, we do what the Gloomfather “suggest.”  PAX count off 1-8.  PAX actually remembered their numbers, nice job.  Quick mosey around the AO to see the 8 stations, and one “bonus” station paying homage to the BDB with 4 burpees & 9 SSH’s.  All 8 stations consist of, naturally, 49 reps:

  1. toes to bar – hang from pull up bar and raise feet to touch bar.
  2. merkins
  3. squats
  4. LBC’s
  5. Dips
  6. LSF’s
  7. Crunchy Frogs
  8. Pull-up’s

After completion of each station return to the bonus station for burpees and SSH’s before advancing to the next station.

We finished up with 16 American Hammers, because YHC likes 16.

Lots of announcements from Wicked, Patch, Sacked, etc. regarding charity help, fundraising, community housing solutions, etc.  Ultimately, we have numbers to get things done quickly.  Most of us have strong backs – many hands makes light work.  Get involved, help as your are able both financially & Physically.

Side bar shoutout – YHC, Hoosier & TPS attended a fundraiser for Kaizen’s charity & initiative that helps orphans & widows is areas of the world that are unbelievably oppressed.  1st, thanks to TPS for sponsoring a table, your generosity to the PAX is unparalleled.  2nd, kudos to Kaizen for adhering to his call to help other brothers & sisters in the world, when they can not help themselves.  Kaizen, you  heart & selflessness make you more of a warrior in my book, then your peak physical abilities.  I would suggest that you please take a look at and give as you are able to support this wonderful initiative.


It was cold today…