Date: Monday, August 23, 2021
AO: Quaker Crater
Time: 0530 – 0615
Weather: 70°F, 92% R.H., clear

PAX (17): Houlihan, Bruce Lee, Sir Charles (RESPECT!), Snooki (RESPECT!), Bulldog, Tesla, JC (RESPECT!), Go Blue, Ozone, Rameses, High Stick (FNG), City Slicker (RESPECT!), Akron, Saban, Lynda (RESPECT!), Oil Slick (FNG), Explosion

QIC: Saban

As YHC pulled into the Jefferson Elementary parking lot, Cameo’s “Word Up” came on the radio promising today’s beatdown would be epic.  Two FNGs were present, so the words and disclaimer were stated with emphasis along with the 5 pillars of F3.  Having taken care of the formalities, the PAX moseyed off into the gloom stopping at the T for…


  • Mountain Climbers x20 IC
  • SSH x20 IC
  • Abe Vigodas x15 IC >
  • String Rippers x15 IC
  • Sun Gods x 15 IC >
  • Reverse Sun Gods x15 IC
  • Hillbillies x15 IC

We then moseyed down the hill to Price Park Bridge for…

The Thang Part 1

  • Thriller Side Lunges x15 IC
  • Dips x20
  • Derkins x10

After this small set of exercises YHC was ready to announce what was to happen next…

The Thang Part 2

The Exicon refers to this as Everest.  Pax walked up the hill (yes, the whole hill) from the bridge to the library parking lot using the following sequence of steps:

  • Lunge Walk right leg
  • Squat
  • Lunge Walk left leg
  • Squat

After a few minutes of mumble chatter, it became clear to the PAX that we would be doing this the whole way up the hill, and the mumble chatter died away.  As we got closer to the top, YHC decided to offer a modification of bear crawling instead of the modified lunge walk.

The Thang Part 3


  • LBC’s at the top of the hill x5 to x20 by 5
  • Merkins at the bottom of the hill x20 to x5 by 5


We then moseyed back to the shovel flag.


PAX led

  • Go Blue – Body Destroyers
  • Lynda – Crunchy Frogs x10 IC
  • City Slicker – Homer and Marge
  • Houlihan – Pickle Pushers x10 IC
  • Tesla – Freddy Mercurys x20 IC
  • Akron – Heel Touches x10 IC
  • Saban – American Hammers x10 IC


COT and Announcements

    • Guiding Light needs a substi-Q for the Quaker Crater for an upcoming date that is now long past.
    • Akron asks for prayer for kids starting school
    • City Slicker gave us a tragic account of a father who swam out to save his son from the undertow at the beach, and neither of them made it. He asked for prayer for the family as they grieve their loss and also reminded the PAX not to take life for granted.
    • Snooki took us out.


TClaps to:

  • Oil Slick and High Stick, welcome to the PAX. It’s good to have seen you both post again in the time it’s taken THC to get this backblast posted.
  • Houlihan and Ozone for EH’ing our former FNGs.
  • Snooki for supporting and encouraging the PAX who need it. That’s how it should be done!
  • Bruce Lee for referencing the head shake during YHC’s explanation of the Thriller Side Lunge.

It was an honor to Q the Crater.