AO Blue Line

PAX Hoosier, Bartman, Cottontail, Pitino, JZ, Tent City, Byrider (Q)

I knew I didn’t need to set up a bunch of equipment (zero to be exact) so I arrived at Colfax Elementary at 5:20….No one present….then a rumble and in pulls Hoosier (rollin coal, I think is the term the kids use). The rest of the PAX was not far behind.

I had barely made it through the warmorama before the chatter started. Warm included the expected items then a mosey over to bus parking area. A cone and hula hoop mysteriously landed near my head.



Utilize all 17 painted bus lines (gotta count zero) to celebrate Daylight Savings Time. Forward/Backward

Round 1 run line forward shuffle to next line and backpedal until you reach the end and shuffle to the next line. Repeat for all lines. Run back to beginning and LSF or LBC until six is in.

Round 2 Lunge walk forward, side lunge to line the lunge walk backward all the way through

Round 3 we utilized the painted squares. Bear crawl to first corner, merkin, side crawl, merkin, crawl bear, merkin all around square at least 5 times.

Round 4 We then moseyed around the campus and stopped at the short wall on way back for some dirty hookups and wall sits.

Round 5 same as round one only starting at line 0

Mary included Outlaws (no Misfire sighting here) Homer and Marge courtesy of Pitino and American hammers.


No hula hoops or traffic cones were injured in the making of today’s programing.

Tent City’s legal name has over 20 letters



Pitino on Q next week at Blue Line, Q sheet is wide open after

Turkey bowl and shooting on November 2oth. Reach out to TPS/RD for turkey bowl info and Byrider for shooting info.


JZ took us out