Gather at the AO shovel flag for The Mission, a few reminders re: The Core Principles, The Disclaimer, then…

Pax were split into two groups for American Indian run mosey around the field while passing tennis ball between pax to the starting line. 5 burpee penalty for dropped ball. Mr. Hand’s group ran clockwise, YHC’s group ran counterclockwise to the starting line. Then, circle up for:


  • SSH x 15
  • Sun Gods x10F, x10 R
  • IWs x15
  • Windmill X15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers X15 IC

The Thang
Partner up by similar fitness level or eye color for Animal Walk – Dirty McDeuce sets.

  • Start each round with 5 burpees
  • 50 yard animal walk, followed by
  • 50 yard run
  • Dirty McDeuce set – All exercises 12 count IC w/ partner
  • 100 yard run back to starting line
  • Begin next round

Round                Animal Walk                 Dirty McDeuce Exercises (12 ct – IC w/ partner)
1                             Bear crawl                          Merkins, Low Flutter, Goblet Squat
2                             Crab walk                          Carolina Dry Dock, Low Dolly, Lunges
3                             Duck walk                         Alt Arm Taps, Box Cutters, Side Lunges
4                             Frog leap                           Makhtar N’Diayes, Freddy Mercury, Peoples Chair Air Clap

As pax completed their work and the 6 was gathered, circle up for 6MOM.

Bird Dog x10 IC
Low Dolly x15 IC
High Dolly X15 IC

COT: YHC took us out. (See notes in Moleskin below.)


  • #Tclaps to:
    • Expired for the invitation to lead this evening. Always an honor.
    • Waterboy.  He said he would post and he did.
    • Mr. Hand for leading the American Indian run.
    • Windmill for leading Windmill during Warm-a-rama.
    • The Blue Plate pax. Great effort this evening.
  • To the #Natville pax, if you haven’t checked out Blue Plate Special, now is the time. An awesome AO and a hard-working group of men.

YHC’s notes from the COT are provided below:

“Over the past two weeks, I’ve had a fair amount of windshield time, which really means time for me to think, plan a bit, and unpack a few things. Planning for this evening was one of those things. To lead is an honor, and I want to the best I can every time I have the opportunity. Beyond that – for whatever reason – one of things that kept surfacing was this apparent interplay between accountability and service to others.  Maybe this will make sense, maybe it won’t.  But, I’ll share it with you just the same.

I know I have to accept ownership of the decisions I make and the consequences of those decisions.  Both the good & the bad. Whether I choose to fartsack or to post. Whether I give you 100% out here or just go through the motions. That’s on me. You can’t make those decisions for me. And, likewise, I can’t make them for you.

I also know my Purpose here is share God’s love and grace by serving others. For me, that’s the clarity I found in the 3rd F.  I have an obligation and a responsibility to serve.  Sometimes that’s a large act requiring personal sacrifice, other times it’s small.  It might be as simple as offering a word of encouragement or a text message to say “Haven’t seen you in a while. Any chance you can make it to Jaycee Park Thursday night? 7pm.”

Which – I think – looks a lot like helping a man come to grips with his accountability.

I consider myself fortunate that over the past 7 years I’ve had one man in my life who has done that for me. He’s always been there. Always reaching out. Never willing to give up on me. And, if it wasn’t for F3 – I’m certain our paths would have never crossed. That man is Wojo.  #Tclaps Brother.

F3 offers us the opportunity to invite these types of men into our lives. #HIM
And, F3 offers us the opportunity to become this type of man and pay it forward. #ISI #giveitaway


  • From Expired… Q’s are sorely needed for Blue Plate Special. If you haven’t led before, please consider co-Qing with someone.