Beautiful am -46’ no wind

pax – YHC (Stickshift) , Misfire, Cottontail, Pitino, Heisenberg, JZ, Nails, Black Swan, Weed, JR, Daughtry, Situation, TPS, Possum

warmarama- ssh 15 ic, string rippers 10 ic , 20 red panda merkins ( an exercise from COVID corner , 20 squats balanced on parking curb if u fall, start over and do 5 merkins), sober sun gods front and back 10ic

thang – first we moseyed the course , ran to first playground – station 1 – 5 pull-ups( or 5 sec hang), 5 lt Dan, 5 shoulder taps, rinse and repeat til bumped

we moseyed to concession stand station 2- 10 monkey humpers, 10 hip dips, 10 Chilcott Peter Parker, rinse and repeat till bumped

Moseyed back to middle parking lot for station 3- 15 wwI, 15 knee touches, 15 XO’s , rinse and repeat til bumped

we spilt into 4 teams – each team started at a different station , group 4 was the running bumpers.

Great to be back at Cadet Lab……..

Misfire took us out , Thank you Swanny for the frunk coffee, Great to see Possum keep posting .

Thank you Situation for letting me lead !