Shake Weight 11/26/21

Q: Phoenix (R)

PAX: Fanny, Drifter, Sacked (R), Scratch (R), Bones, Tommy Boy, Don’t Cha Know, (R), Frosty, Poehler, Gekko

– 15 SSH x15 IC
– Sun Gods x15 IC
– Imperial Walkers x15 IC
– Hill Billies x15 IC
– String Rippers x15 IC

Partner work

Station 1 (Bottom of Ramp)
Weights (AMRAP)
– Curls
– In and Outs
– Overhead presses
– Flock of Seaguls (#kawkaw)
– Bent over Rows
– Tricept Extension
– Lunges
– Upright Rows
– Thrusters
Run to the top of the ramp

Station 2 (Top of Ramp)
Body (x20 SC)
– Merkins
– Squalts
– LBCs
– Bobby Hurley’s
– Low Dolly’s
– Shoulder taps
– Box Cutters
– Monkey Humpers
– Supermans

– Freddy Mecury’s x10 IC
– Low Slow Flutter x10 IC
– Homer & Marge x10
– American Hammer x10 IC

– Nov Service project with World Relief – reach out to Humphrey Bogart

– PR: Gekko’s 2.0 is having elbow surgery

– #kudos to F3 PAX at the Cannonball Race


– YHC has the opportunity to visit the Van Gogh exhibit in Charlotte. It was very cool and recommend it for you and your family.
– There is beauty everywhere, open your eye and mind to find it.
– Kaw Kaw