October 30, 2021
AO: Nordic Tract
Pax: Black Swan, Miss Fire, Beep, Sticky Shifter, FNG(Racquet), Crawlspace Killah aka Mad Dog (Q)

I had my plans all laid out for a fun Halloween beatdown, filled with treats and tricks. If you’ve posted to my Q’s, you know you’ll get a good workout…. Plan A was changed due to bands utilizing the field. No big deal, life throws curve balls, learn to adjust and move on. I reached out to a few Pax to post and bring their 2.0’s. Plan B was going to be more fun than plan A. 7 hit and there were only 6 of us at the AO, my HC’s hadn’t arrived. Waited for a few minutes, talking with Beep’s 2.0, an FNG. Word was that a lot of regulars went to CT to support TPS’s Q. Love it, support your brother.* Anyhoo, time to get started. Well it’s dark and we have an FNG, let’s slow things down. I run the disclaimer, and we discuss the merits. I explain the AO, site Q, and workout Q to Beep’s 2.0, eventually named Racquet(Boris Becker was a lame submission Sticky, you know that…). Beep is 1.5 weeks in to this and needs this 411 too. I discussed our Mission, broke down the 3F’s, and the 5 core principles. Essentially, it was a mini-Q school with on-site discussion. We then warmed up our bodies with a various assortment of exercises. Racquet is a strong athlete, but exclaimed “we have to do it again!” when I started the Ring of Fire for a second time. The AO became visible so we moseyed to the cul de sac and back up to the LAX field. Time for some ultimate frisbee. Cobains for the dog chewed disc. It was a bit tough on the hand model Sticky’s hands. Don’t know Ultimate, GTS. Caveat to the game, when the disc hits the ground, everyone does 5 merkins. After scores, losers perform 3 burpees. Essentially, lots of windsprints and push-ups. Fun, yet sneaky gasser. Final score was 5-4. Everyone was a winner cuz the game didn’t matter, but posting did as all got better.

*What are we doing to grow our AO’s? There’s tremendous opportunity for growth & acceleration in the NW/OR/SF community. Hundreds of homes surround Nordic Tract, Sonuvabench, & Cougar Town. How do we get the word to those neighborhoods.
“If we’re not growing, we’re dying”
Tom Callahan (Tommy Boy’s 1.0)

A pleasure to lead. Q at CT next week, see you there. Bring an FNG.