October 29, 2021 We had 23 PAX

PAX: Crawlspace, Bones, GoKu, DQ, Linda, Hakuna Matata, Houlihan, Huggies, Belsnickel, 50CC, Butt Fumble, Simone, Settlement, Amphibious, Ricola, Amicus, Drysdale, Birds Nest, Fletch, Square, City Slicker, Toto, Sacked – QIC

On a very nice Fall morning 23 PAX including YHC took their DRP at UpTown Funk (the original Friday workout for Natville). With all guys gathered and many coming in hot we covered the welcome, named the 5 core principles and credo, and moseyed over to the Church Street Parking Deck up to the 3rd Floor where we circled up for the Warma

Before we started the Warma everyone hit their six for a brief add to the welcome. The message given was we have few moments in our daily lives where we can leave our burdens in our vehicle and get 45 minutes to an hour of untethered time to not only get after it physically but to mentally heal our minds and soul via connection to this unique community that we have. The request was simple that all guys in attendance do just that. Embrace the moment, have a blast with mumble chatter and bonding, while getting smoked. Love Each and Every One of You Men!



  • Self Hugs x 15ic
  • Sun Gods x 10ic each direction
  • Imperial Walkers x 15ic
  • String Rippers x 15ic
  • Windmills x 15icc

Mosey to the center between decks 3 and 4 to explain the THANG



3 Man grinder. PAX partnered up in teams of 3. 2 Guys would run up a deck to Station 3 and the third partner would go down a deck to Station 1. In the middle of the 2 decks was a Bear Crawl – Crawl Bear Zone. Bear Crawl when going up the turn and Crawl Bear when coming down the deck. This was clearly the crowd favorite. When set one of the 2 partners at Station 3 would release and make their way down to the Zone and then on to relieve the other partner.

STATION Exercises


  • Low Slow Flutters
  • Heel Touches
  • Homer to Marge


  • Bear Crawl UP
  • Crawl Bear DOWN



With time on us we called an Omaha and circled up for Mary


  • LSF x 15ic
  • Freddie Mercury’s x 15ic
  • Cindy Crawford’s x 15ic each side (thank you Settlement for reminding me to get the other side 🙂 Q Fail
  • American Hammer x 15ic


  1. Crawlspace – has the Nordic Trac Q
  2. VQ ALERT – Ledecky at Jamestown Monday Nov 1. Come out and support.
  3. Drysdale – Coffeteria at Green Bean
  4. SERVICE PROJECT – Nov 13 World Relief Org. Need F3 HIMS to help move into a new warehouse location. Details coming


  • Never seen so many guys coming in hot at 5:29 a.m. but seemed like they had a convoy set up.
  • Great seeing TOTO in the gloom. If you don’t know Toto and his family will be moving to Colorado in a few weeks. We will miss you buddy.
  • Bones got the award for being able to say “BELSNICKEL” the most times this morning as he was the relief partner in the grinder. 🙂
  • Happy Bday 1 day late to our HIM Houlihan
  • First time doing the Bear Crawl – Crawl Bear Zone on a rounded turn. It was pretty comical at times when we had to pass each other with 8 guys moving either up or down the zone. We made it with no crashes to my knowledge.
  • Huggies went and got even more fit over the summer. Training for the Cannonball was the credit he gave. Well done!
  • Always great to see my 8 year old buddy GoKu in the gloom. Amazed that an 8 year old will post at 5:30 a.m. with his dad DQ and have a smile on his face. Seeing our future leaders.
  • Thanks BF for pushing me through the zone today. I needed it.
  • Simone – well done with the energy and core group that has been developed at Uptown Funk. Pleasure to be with you guys.
  • Coffeteria at Green Bean – thanks Drysdale for getting this set up. Loved the conversations with the guys after.
    • Always great when I can sit down and throw some mumble chatter around with 50CC. BTW thanks for the coffee 50. I owe you one.
    • Loved getting to know Hakuna Matata some more. Keep coming out and getting after it HM.
  • Many many more observations that could be listed. Great group this morning and thanks for posting

COT – Birds Nest did the honors and took us out the way only he can. Thank you BN

Always An Honor, SYITG