Wingman came to the Blue Plate with a plan. Plenty of work for all pax of all ages and abilities.   YHC thought Wingman was AOL from F3, but just like Kotter, he’s back.

Respect to Q’s who bring their flag, especially one as fine as Wingman’s, YHC has some ideas to help your flag, maybe a little site preparation?

Who else do you know who was involved, and is now AOL? Reach out to them and give them the emotional headlock they need?

Looking for you Schnitzel, Guiding Light, Dapper Dan, Minute Man, Odessa,,,,

The BLUE PLATE SPECIAL celebrates its 1 year anniversary November 3rd, 2022.  It is one of 3 PM workouts in Natville.  Closing Time is the original, meeting Thursdays at 7 pm, Jaycee Park. Apollo broke the ground with Closing Time and and established that PM workouts are legit.

Spurrier followed with  “It’s Just Lunch” meeting on noon Wednesdays at Oak Ridge Park.   Blue Plate special meets on Tuesdays at 5:45 PM at Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Road, Greensboro, NC 27410.  It is an Up-tempo boot camp style AO.

It is a great site with plenty of room; large fields, a greenway and a short hop to an even larger vacant area at 5:45 Guilford Elementary School.  The bridge is out on Ballinger Rd, so access is through Chimney Rock Rd until further notice.

Perfect for FNGs that will not make the gloom.

It’s also a good fit for 2.0’s, and those who may think they are not ready for “boot camp.” Natville you have options for workouts and we are blessed.

An original REDWOOD aka Kilowatt will be Qing next Tuesday, November 2nd- check us out and enjoy the celebration.

The Pax gathered: Michelin Man, Howler, Patch, Apollo, Waterboy, Sky, Windmill, Stryker, Ponch, Short bus, Damage Control, Mr Hand, Dr. Sheldon, Kilowatt, Mudflap, Expired, and Wingman on the Q.

Surprisingly chilly with a robust wind, promptly at 5:45 pm the disclaimer was recited:

“Welcome to F3. I am your Q today.

F3 — our three F3’s stand for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Not a professional. Cannot sue me, any of us, or the facilities.

Everything is a suggestion, keep your own pace up to / or including not doing the exercise.”

Pax suggested we mosey to the sun at the bottom of the field for the Warm-o-rama:

Side straddle hops               20

Moulin Rouge                       20

Moroccan Night Clubs          20

Chinooks                              20

String rippers                        20

Show Stoppers                    10 (reduced to 4)- NO ONE CAN DO  10

Showstopper??? It’s new one inspired by, lets just say its new. Burpee w 10 pickle pushers.

Indian Run to Guilford Elementary, it’s a quarter mile up the greenway and a gasser. At the large parking lot, Wingman had 12 stations et up to simulate the coming daylight savings.

Reps of 20 counted by various Pax:

Plank Jacks, Copperhead Squats, Windmills, Merkin dive-bombers, Lt. Dangers, Showstoppers, WWI situps, LBC’s, WW2 situps, String rippers, Carolina Dry Docks, Imperial Walkers.

Mosey back to the flag for Mary:

LBC                             20

Homer March               20

Low slow flutter            20

Box cutter                    20

American hammer        20

Announcements– Wingman was prepared

“Let’s be thankful for bringing together these iron clad lads with the objective to sharpen each other in each of the F3 ways.

We challenge each other in subtle ways, we stimulate our senses, and we exchange qualities.

We challenge our physique and relax our busy minds.

I don’t know what you think, but I am thankful for that.”

Kilowatt took us out with a personal note about his twins leaving the house for college. And the importance for F3 and sharing, humbling ourselves. It is OK and fine to share in the COT. Thank you Kilowatt.

All got better, fine Q Wingman. Your gonna make a great site Q!