Date: 10/27/2021

Workout: Shake and Bake

Location: Greensboro Day School

Pax: Drizzle (Respect), Airball, Centerfold, Longtime, Everest (Respect), Xerox (Respect), Winnie the Pooh, Etch-A-Sketch (Respect), Rameses, Patch (Q)


The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Modify the exercises as necessary.  Everyone coming to the running workout should be able to run, that being said we’ll stay together [on the track].


Mosey a mile.

Stretch your legs

On your six one leg out at a time


Runners stretch/lunge

The Thang – 400 meter repeats

400 meter repeats with a walk about 40 meters back and then back up to the line (~80 meters total) each time.  All head out together for each set.

400 meters at about half marathon pace (so pretty slow)

400 meters at 10k pace (x2)

400 meters at 5k pace (x2)

400 meters all out (fast as you can without overexertion)

400 meters cool down

When we stepped it up to 5k pace, it was indicated to modify as necessary.  Get out of it what you would like.  You won’t be holding us up if you don’t feel comfortable increasing the pace.



20 American Hammers IC



Death Star – Pity the Fool

Broga on Friday – Centerfold (bring a towel)

Congrats to all the guys who did the Cannonball race.

“I’d like to take us out today, with a lot of stuff that’s on my heart.

Covid is dying down.  And I don’t know why, but people are losing their jobs over the vaccine.

My brother lost his job, his wife is losing her job.

How many of you guys are going to lose your jobs and still keep your house, still feed your family?

Natural immunity is better than the vaccine, as I’ve been told. Which I believe fully.  Which has been a viable option this whole time.  I’m grateful for everything that there is, what we have, the options we have, pro-choice.

Trump had, pro-choice, right to try.  If you’re on your death bed you can try whatever surgery/procedure, whatever, to try and save your own life.

Now, you’re forced to take something you don’t necessarily need.  You likely won’t die from [Covid 19].

With people losing their jobs so that somebody can make a bunch of money, or whatever the frigg it is.  The stats don’t say we need it.  The whole-time people have been unvaccinated and it rises and it falls and there’s no particular point where vaccines came in and it all stopped.

Anyways, that’s it.”

A message from Airball came in immediately following: “With that being said, if you have not been vaccinated, I would encourage you to consider to do so.  I encourage you to do it not for yourself but for others.”

This highlights exactly the problem.  We’re being given a choice, Option A Get Vaccinated or Option B Lose your job (and therefore likely house, followed by…)  Many [most?] people are choosing option B.  And here’s Airball, a decent guy that I can appreciate, exhorting people to get vaccinated with words.  As if we haven’t heard all of that 100 times already.

I haven’t heard of a single person who has changed their minds because of the vaccine, lose your job, mandate. Not one.

We’ve heard all the evidence, we seen all the facts.  We believe what we believe.  Your words aren’t going to change my mind at this point.  Cases continue to fall. Death rate is plummeting (thank you natural and man-made causes (vaccine and improved treatment techniques)).  From the beginning, we knew not everybody will need to get vaccinated to make this go away (still true).  Don’t get me started on masks.

When you see a homeless person on the side of the street, you think most of the time they’re just settled into bad habits.  They don’t want to get integrated into society and have a job and a house, etc.  What these mandates are doing, is to put people on the streets who had a good job, a house, family, etc.  and they just wanted the freedom to choose their own medical treatment.

Xerox asked me how I’m affected by this.  I’m not yet.  I’m standing up for people who think like me.  Who are resisting the government overreach that is taking their job; threatening their livelihood.  Someone has to stick up for them.  Or we’re next. One way or the other; we’re next.

I don’t think you can imagine what it’d be like if Patch lost his job, had no savings, sold all his possessions, and lived on the street.  I can tell you; everything becomes a hammer.  What do I have to lose at that point? It would be a dangerous level of freedom.  If you couldn’t tell already, in my mind, everything I have is already gone.  It’s just me; my bones, flesh, and the almighty God.  What would he have me do?  Right now, I don’t know what will come.

All I have is unshaken beliefs and a soul on fire.

  • Patch