AO: Blue Line (newly named)

10 PAX: Byrider, Cottontail, Magnus, Bartman, Jay-Z, Pitino, Tent City, BullDog, Weed, and Phillip Hanks (YHC)

Warm-a-Rama: Black Betty (Bambalam) Imperial Walkers with shoulder-taps & plank jack


Partner Up

Partner A: Exercise

Partner B: Run Blue Line

Switch… Cumulative exercises

150 Dips

100 LBC

100 Merkins

150 E2K

100 Shoulder Tap

50 Lieutenant Dan

150 Curls with stretchy bands

20 Dirty Hook-Up

100 Aussie Mountain Climber

150 Monkey Humper

100 Dips

100 Heel Touches

150 Dying Cockroach



9 American Hammer IC

1 Homer and Marge (finely dressed Pitino walked up)

1 more American Hammer IC

YHC took us out.

Thanks for letting me lead.

The AO was named Blue Line for the blue line on the parking lot.