AO Cadet Lab (Oak Ridge Park)

Cool and Dry


Magnus, Bulldog, Jr, TPS, JZ, ESL, Situation, Cotton Tail, Weed, Pitino, Daughtry, Steven (FNG…now F3 Lone Wolf), Byrider (Q)

I arrived with 10 minutes to spare to discover we had an FNG (Workout wasn’t exactly FNG friendly). He had no gloves so I hit up TPS and OF COURSE! he had some in the truck of tricks.

I asked an F3 brother who will remain nameless what kind of pain he wanted for the workout. He suggested we bear crawl the inner loop at the park. And as they say the rest was History. I decided we would require stops along the way.

Crawling route was “Inner Loop”

STOPS included Low Slow Flutter, Freddies, Big Boys, Homer Marge, dirty hookups, Aussie mountain climbers, burpees, box cutters, Outlaws

Near the end everyone was crawled out we did Lt. Dans with squats at parking lot lines


Xs and Os


Apparently Steven now…..F3 Lone Wolf  was EH’d years ago by a long forgotten Charlotte Pax member. Way to come out and push!


Upcoming Kaizan Charity dinner for Widows and Orphans

Turkey bowl with shooting afterword Nov 20…..clear your calendar!

YHC took us out