Date – 10/23/21

Location – Cornwallis Nightmare

PAX – Sir Issac, Ozone, Kilowatt, Mugsy, Flamingo, Saban, Hoosier, Sacked, Drizzle – 1 Rucker – Stretch

Q – Red Dragon


Q School Info.

Thank you for the opportunity.  Q school is designed to help the Pax with the preparation to Q.  Whether it is for a VQ or just to get some different ideas for their next or future Q’s.   It could be for anyone who is interested in leading.  As I started to think about this opportunity, I wanted to try to button up my Q’s for the future.

In designing the workout for the day, I tried to put myself in a spot that I was getting ready to do my first workout.

Important things to think about and remember before you start to Q.

-Start / End on time

-Wear a watch – have a phone

-The workout might be harder than you think, be prepared, make sure you can do what you are asking others to do.

– Mistakes happen, roll with it

– Leave no man behind – make sure guys know to modify if needed and pick up the 6 when needed.

-Have Fun.


5 tenants of F3

  1. Free of Charge
  2. Open to all men
  3. Held outdoors – Rain, Shine, Heat or Cold.
  4. Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary.
  5. End with a circle of trust.


Mission of F3

Plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


Disclaimer – Should be mentioned all the time – definitely when you have an FNG.

F3 is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout.  Q is not a pro.  You have no knowledge of current injuries or fitness consideration.  Each person is responsible to be safe and modify if need be.


Workout Schedule


Warm Up


6 Minutes of Mary

Circle of Trust


Warm a rama – The thing the Pax does to get body ready to workout – We headed down the parking lot with a mosey.   When I set up the cards, there was not a big crowd around, but when we arrived we were swamped with Cannonballers and needed to modify to the grass for the Warm a rama.   The pax help with the Count both on singles and In Cadence (IC).

Ideas –

Side Straddle Hops – IC

Goofballs – IC

Moroccan Night Clubs – IC

Bobby Hurley – On the Up

String Rippers – IC

Wind Mill – IC

Crowd Pleasers – in honor of See Thru – his family just had their 4 baby.  Congrats.  Merkin / HOPs – 1 merkin / 1 hop, up to 4 and back down.


Thang – The workout it self.  Why everyone showed up.  Make sure you take the time to explain what you are doing, the clearer you are, the less questions you will get from the Pax during it.

We made our way to the volley ball courts.   One area that we have not used before and was very beneficial with all the people milling around the park for the race, had our own space to move.


Exercises – Pax helped lead the group.

Carolina Dry Docks – On My Up (OMU)

Plank Hold – Team count (TC) for 60 seconds

Belch – Great variation to the Burpee.  Use the lines and drop on each line – wait for all pax to get to ground and Q calls go – then everyone moves to the next line and drops.


HEAD To the FENCE (wall work)

5 Donkey Kicks on the fence and a 10 second hold.  Do that 3 times – On Your Own (OYO)

Aussie Mountain Climbers – IC

Balls to the Wall – TC to 30

Wall Sit –  TC to 60


Back to the Court –

Monkey Humper – IC

Pickle Pusher – IC

AIR RAID – Explain that anytime a plane is in sight, someone calls out AIRRAID.  The Pax drops and does 5 Burpees OYO where they are.

Turk and Burp – A combination of the Turkish Get Up and a Burpee – OYO

WW1 Situps – OMU

WW2 Situps – OMU

WOJO Squat – OMU

Skier Abs – IC

Merkins – Each Pax mentioned a Merkin they enjoy and we did 5 of them.








Clock work


To the Sideline

Across the Courts

Crawl Bear

Bear Crawl

Broad Jump Burpees

Duck Walk


OMAHA – What’s called to let the PAX know to head back to the flag.

6 Minutes of Mary – Ab work or Core Work to close out the workout.

Low Slow Flutter – IC

Heel Touch – IC

Super Man Bananas – On the word – Superman or Banana – You turnover from the position you are in.  Either on your stomach or on your back.


Homer / Marge – Start with Legs straight, lift them 6 inches off the ground.  When you hear Marge, bring your legs up to 90degrees.  When you here homer drop them again to 6 inches.

American Hammer






NAME FNG – if there is one.

Anything that you need to get off the chest.

Anyone interested in taking the PAX out – Prayer type closing.  Could request that the Sky Q help, guide, lead and continue to show us the way.  Some will say sky Q, some will say Dear Lord.  Do what you do.


Head Home – or go to Coffee.


Qing is how F3 works.  People step up to lead.  It is not easy, but it is necessary and it is really fun.   We are all leaders, we all have the ability to lead.  If there is a need, fill the gap.  People are getting up early, they have already made a commitment and showed up, if your the Q crush the workout to the best of your ability.  We all believe in you.

I hope that this helped anyone that is going to be Qing soon.  If I can be of any assistance to anyone with their Q, please do not hesitate to email ( or call me 3363242983.  I am not a professional by any means, but I really like helping guys out.


Thank you for this opportunity to lead.  Looking forward to the next time I can.