Quaker Crater


5:30 AM 46 degrees F Cool and crisp

PAX: Slumlord, Ozone, High Stick, Nails, Bulldog, Sacked, Bobby Knight, Guiding Light (Q)

It was the first truly cool morning of F3 fall. Sometimes alarm clocks get ignored, click on snooze when the weather suddenly changes and the temptations of a warm bed keep many men stuck in their cozy cocoons. But on this morning, seven other men did not give into that temptations. They pulled into the parking lot of Jefferson Elementary expecting to be challenged, worked hard by the promises of Pain Inc.


Stretching- 15 Abe Vagodas IC / 15 String rippers IC / 20 Imperial walkers IC / 10 sun gods IC each direction

Mosey down to the bridge from some standard QC bridge work.

An olde proverbe states that ye shall bear crawl across that bridge when ye come to it. And so that’s what we did. Back on the bridge, each man took a spot and we did 20 dips followed by 20 derkins.

We went up to the nearest light and partnered up. Each group had one man run up Heartbreak Hill towards the library until he gets to the cones and comes back down to switch off. Meanwhile his partner does LBCs. Each man completed 2 rounds. Winners of the fastest man up and down the hill were Slummy and Bobby Knight!

After we stood around looking at each other for about 2 seconds, we plopped down for 5 burpees OYO. Back to the bridge where we traversed it again doing bear crawls.

After the bridge we slow moseyed up the hill towards the school, switching to side straddles and reverse, watching out for the big pothole in the dark.

Once at the top, we got under the light and everyone picked a spot to do 20 calf raises followed by 20 curbkins (is that a term? should be!)

We continued our mosey up to the school bus parking area where 6 cones were set in a circle. Each cone had a card with an exercise (wojo squats, merkins, WWI situps, monkey humpers, ALT shoulder taps, etc) With a PAX or 2 at each station, the tempo was set by the person doing merkins. when they finish 20, we move to the next station, doing a burpee on the switch. We did one round, flipped the cards, and did another round of the exercises on the other side. A few pax bemoaned the fact that there were multiple merkin cards. (hey, thems the breaks)

After 2 rounds it was time to head back to the shovelflag for mary.


We did 7 sets of ab exercises, dealer’s choice style. 20 Low slows flutters, 20 crunchy frogs, 20 box cutters, 20 cindy crawfords each side (some pax helped educate young High Stick on who Cindy Crawford is and the significance of the mole in high fashion modeling) etc….ending with Bulldog’s 20 American hammers.

WE wrapped up with announcements, prayers requests, and a short prayer from YHC.

2nd and 3rd F were fused together at the local Starbucks

Kudos to:

Bobby Knight for the extra effort on the hills.

Slummy for running in and back to the workout.

Ozone for being the kind of dad a young man like High Stick (14) wants to get up early to spend time with.

Bulldog for remembering the shovelflag.

Sacked for the great attitude and mumble chatter even on the runs.

Nails for keeping it feeling summery with the tight top

All in all, good times were had and it was a great morning to be out with the guys!

Thank you all for coming and the opportunity to get better (a whole lot better than those who attended THE maneater’s “tons o’ fun” workout at Latham Grinder) alongside you.