Good morning gents – Stickshift (YHC), JZ,ESL, Black Swan, Kaizan, Pity da Fool, Slumlord, Foot Fairy, Red Dragon, Airball, Hoosier, Cottontail, and UPper played a classic game of War


10 SSH ic

moseyed to benches

30 sec pax count plank

15 dips

30 sec down dog

15 dips

10 string rippers ic

15 dips

10 wakanda rippers ic

25 dips

moseyed to back of building for da thang


spilt into 5 teams – each team giving 10 cards

highest card picks exercise from list and so on til lowest card has to run around building twice. Amrap til 6 is in from running

ties were Mike Tysons amrap

exercise list –

Lt Dan

shoulder tap

monkey humpers

hip dips

2 laps

when completed we 2 rotations of all exercises 10 ic

mary – ab’s boat torture 30 secs on 10 off

boat, each leg boat , 45 ‘ leg to side hold

20 American hammer ic

Broga at JW tomorrow

Trash Panda kickball at NW Saturday

Help Support Kaizan’s charity 11/4/21 for a dinner – dm kaizan

Slummy took us out – have a great day boys !!